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Editorial shoot -“Mariage Calédonien” Magazine

The “Mariage Calédonien” Magazine contacted us last year to carry out a full photo reportage on the national wedding dress designers in New Caledonia.

Nature this year is at the center of the wedding decoration, incredible and authentic staging, while remaining very chic. It fits perfectly with the ecological values of the moment and gives an excellent theme to your event. Many wedding inspirations referringto woody or boho-chic, surprising in their colors, patterns and textures, create a tipically Caledonian spirit

explains Teresa Timmonier, the publication director of the magazine in the Editorial of this Magazine #13.

And that’s how our collaboration was born.

Once the ideas established and the designers contacted, the main work was to meet the mode, find the shooting location taht correspond as much to our desires as to the creations that we’re going to highlight.

For more than two months, we’ve brought together each model with its own designer for a photoshoot, made of good vibes and challenges to face : how not to damage the dresses that are loaned when we would like to shoot in a wet rainforest or on a shipwreck rusted by the sea spray? How to successuflly highlight the natural details of some dresses?,…

Sarramona Creations

The first to trust us was Caroline from Sarramona Creations.
Her creations are borrowed from natural elements : pineapple fiber, cork,… A mix of precious materials and graphic cuts.
For her dresses, we chose the Mont Koghi as location. Its paths full of ferns, pines and the dark side of the rainforest seduced us !

some preparation shots

Les Robes de l’Atelier

Anne-Cecile, the designer of the Atelier was immediately seduced by our proposal and offered 2 dresses : the first one was none other than her own wedding dress; the second one, a tailor-made creation for the occasion.

Kim, tattoed, will wear the bustier/tulle dress of Anne-Cecile : it enhanced her tattoos and her chest so well and leaves her completely free of moves. We’ll gain height with her !
Meanwhile, Claire will wear the so “Fifties” creation : a very fitted satin dres. An ode to feminity.

Let’s go to the red soil of Yaté, in the South of New Caledonia (the stormy weather will highlight the specificities of the dress).

Shooting d'inspiration pour une créatrice de robe de mariée dans une forêt en Nouvelle Calédonie
last advices before shooting

Calamity Bay Couture

Alix Jouxtel, designer for Calamity Bay Couture, has a very personal universe and her dresses are so. She wanted to give us one of her most delicate dress for this sessions, mainly made of muslin and enhanced with small decorative chains.

To reinforce the visual identity of the brand, we decided on an extraordinary shooting location : a shipwreck, totally rusted by the sea spray…
All the difficulty of this shooting lay in the fragility of the dress…
How not to damage this dress when the wind and the waves came from every side of the wreck?
Everyone gave everything he could to ensure the success of the day : make-up artist, model, assistant, model’s groom ! But what an amazing day we had !

By taking risks and exploring unexpected places, our job continues to remain passion…

make-up backstage

Elise Dune Bridal

For Elise Dune Bridal‘s creation, we opted for a wildly romantic 1900’s style empire dres, with a lace cape…
With the style of our model and the dress, we had to find a worthy place ! We set our location in the Hagen Castle in Noumea.
The alliance between the architectural side of building and the 1900’s style of her dress fit perfectly and highlitghts the details as well as the delicacy of the dress’s lace.
It was a real artistic moment.


Make up : Sandrine for Institut Sandlight & Jessica d’Erfurth Make up Artist
Hair : Yannick for Suite 408
Dresses : Sarramona Creations
les Robes de l’Atelier
Calamity Bay Couture
Elise Dune Bridal
Venues : Noumea, Yaté, Baie de Toro, Mont Koghi
Editorial : Magazine Mariage Calédonien


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Bruno : +687 52 31 52




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