Destination wedding

New Caledonian wedding

Agathe and Tom both grew up in New Caledonia. However, they didn’t meet there ! It was during their studies in France that they met and decided to return on their island to live and get married.

A cosy wedding with friends

Their wedding is, above all, cosy and relax, with family and friends. A cheerfull atmosphere was present during the whole religious ceremony, smiles were on everyone’s lips ! Tom is free as a bird, always unpredictable and the way he left the church with her newly bride on his shoulder is a good example !

The rest of the day continued the same way ; during the bridesmaids shooting, they giggled all the time!

It was a 2 days wedding celebration.
The first day, Agathe had a magnificient short dress from the Caledonian designer l’Atelier matched with a splendid pair of Louboutin… We loooooooove it !!!!

For the next day, her dress was from the same designer ; but this time, it was a long one with fine lace. You know the kind of “WAOUW dress”?
At the end of this second celebration day, we shooted the couple at the Rocher à la Voile, a famous sunset beach spot in Noumea. The sunset is fabulous and delights our newlyweds who fully ennjoy it !

The evening is spent in a quiet restaurant called On The Beach, in Noumea. This restaurant is away from the city and has a great view and above all access to the beach (so-called name)
The astmosphere is joyful, the guest let loose on the sound of the DJ ! Agathe and Tom take full advantage of it and we, we should say it’s exactly the kind of wedding we really appreciated !


Dress : Les Robes de l’Atelier
Bride’s shoes : Louboutin
Costume : Saint Germain
Hair : Ô Salon
Make Up Artist : Cyriellemaq Pro
Cocktail : Little Italy nc
Venue : Onthebeach Nouméa
DJ & partymaker : DJ Jeff


Leslie : +687 75 69 70
Bruno : +687 52 31 52




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