Destination wedding

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First post-Covid wedding in Nouméa, New Caledonia

A small committee wedding

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from you, but the global health situation has undermined our job as a photographer. However, in New Caledonia, the confinement did not last long and our first post-covid marriage was able to take place in Nouméa at the end of May.
Pauline and Boris had planned to marry over 2 days with the civil ceremony and the secular ceremony.
But that was before the Covid-19!
To satisfy everyone, Pauline and Boris decided to split their wedding and organize the civil ceremony at the town hall of Nouméa in May and the secular ceremony next year on the same date so that their relatives of metropolis can also be present.

Long live the bride and groom!

It is therefore the last Friday of May that Pauline and Boris unite in front of their loved ones (beware, we respect social distance!) during their civil ceremony at Nouméa Town Hall.
Parents of a little girl, she arrives like a princess with her mother. Both wear beautiful dresses (the bride’s dress comes from the Frou-Frou store in Nouméa)! And the wow effect with the groom-to-be is very present! Seeing the two women of his life so beautiful in front of him, he can not help but go and kiss them …
The ceremony goes quickly and allows everyone to enjoy even more of those moments together that we missed so much during the confinement. A real joy!
A beautiful hedge of honour and applause accompanies the release of the newlyweds.

The Love session

For their romantic session, the sun is somewhat veiled and gives an even more intense character to the place. We are in Nouville, on a deserted beach, white sand and clear waters… Frankly, our little photographer’s paradise!
Overlooking the beach, tall grasses and stunning views of the surrounding islets…
Pauline and Boris play the game with the camera, and we love this kind of moment where we share a lot.
They even agree to finish the photo shoot with their feet in the water… Thanks to them!

An evening full of surprises

In the evening, they decided to organize a small aperitif in the family home. About 20 friends are present. The atmosphere is at the top, everyone is delighted to share these moments with the bride and groom.
Then comes the time for surprises. Pauline’s dad comes to us discreetly: “I warn you, Pauline will cry!” At least we’re warned.
But what’s the surprise? We have the explanation in the aftermath: Pauline’s brother told her sister the day she told her relatives that she was getting married, that he would play her favorite piece on the piano on D-Day. Concerned: his brother never learned to play the piano! So for a year, every day, in secret, he took piano lessons, revised his piece, so that on the big day he could offer him this little personalized gift…
The parents of our bride and groom install them, blindfolded, in front of the concealed keyboard. The brother arrives at the piano; the first notes are played blindfolded… And then the moms take off Pauline and Boris’s headband… The magic works and the tears of happiness flow… Completely successful surprise!

Honestly, it’s this kind of intense moment that makes us love our job even more…


Bride’s Dress : Frou-FrouVo
Newlyweds’s car : Nouméa Beach Car

The bride arrives at the town hall with a big smile. She is accompanied by her daughter, Nouméa Town Hall, New Caledonia, France
the exchange of alliances at the town hall of Noumea, New Caledonia, France
married who sussed sweet words in his wife's ear, in New Caledonia
married in the distance, in Nouméa in New Caledonia
married couples looking at each other
married couples walking hand in hand
silhouette of the bride and groom
silhouette of the bride and groom
brides who embrace by the sea
homemade decoration
homemade decoration
homemade decoration
homemade decoration
Moms take off the headband to the bride and groom
brother who plays piano
the mairée's brother plays the piano
surprise for the bride and groom
the bride and groom surprised by the brother's gift
the bride's point of view discovering surprise
View together sister brother at piano wedding
dad films the surprise
the father of the bride who secretly films the surprise, Nouma, New Caledonia, France


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