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Hello, we are The Troosters ! A couple in life as in work. Crazy in love with travels and cultural meetings, the human being is in the center of our vision. What we love most in weddings ? Funky and Rock’n’Roll spirit, crazy ideas, improbable laughterstrue emotions, endless parties, tears during a ceremony,…

But most of all, newlyweds who love each other and show themselves shamelessly. In brief, moments of life and sharing ! Don’t be afraid to be yourself ; we will follow you to the end of your most outlandish ideas.

“Our only limits will those you’ll set for us”


Hello !
I'm Leslie, the photographer of this duet.
If I had to define myself in a few words, I would say that i'm Belgian, blonde and tattooed. Pretty reductive no?
Then by digging a little more you will be able to understand that I love to travel, that cooking is not my strong point and that I am a waterphobic!
My different trips have forged my character and my way of understanding what surrounds me.

Those who know me well will also say that I am "Miss Catastrophe" or even the most stubborn girl in the world. And they are right ! You see when there is a root in the middle of a perfectly flat path? Well you can be sure that I will be the only one to take it and fall head first!

What I like above all in the wedding reportage is this multi-cultural and human exchange. My photographic approach will therefore be very similar to my way of being: documenting life, capturing the most important moments as well as the most anecdotal details!

Parents who want to steal the show with their iPad during your ball opening don't scare me. I am as comfortable with them as I will be with the rest of your guests.
And if you are in style to want to "take the plunge" for your couple session: I already love you!


I’m Bruno, the filmmaker of this duet.
Hipster, traveler and geek are 3 words that characterize me rather well!
Crazy about tattoos, they tell my story and my roots.

I draw my inspiration from my many travels and during them I developed my artistic sensibility, by meeting new cultures, indigenous people as well as discovering striking and overwhelming landscapes.

What am I looking for in weddings? Capture the emotions that are revealed through speeches, looks, laughter. These are the moments that will guide me and will be the common thread of your film.

I can't deny my groovy, rock side either! I like to counterbalance these emotional moments with crazy / offbeat sequences during the shooting or the evening for example ...

I attach importance to the aesthetics of the rendering of my films; the cinematographic side is essential in my work.

I use this experience and this sensitivity to tell the story of your wedding.

Live, have fun, let go, love yourself!


☐ Take part of a great slip’n’slide or a pool party (the day after) !
Shoot a tropical wedding at the  opposite side of the world, barefoot in the sand
☐ Having a bride wearing a Rime Arodaky’s dress
☐ Shoot a wedding/elopement in the desert
☐ Make a Viking’s wedding reportage
☐ Shoot a trash the dress under the rain
Have a Marvel stylished wedding
☐ Be part of a wedding in the middle of the polar ice pack !


Record a Mannequin Challenge during a wedding
☐ Shoot a ceremony in the forest
☐ Discover a traditional Indian wedding 
☐ Shoot a ceremony at the top of a mountain with great view!
☐ Shoot an elopement in Iceland
Be part of a traditional Pacific wedding
☐ Shoot a winter wedding in Banff! (or somewhere else in Canada is also accepted!)


Leslie : +687 75 69 70
Bruno : +687 52 31 52




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